Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional Program

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Become a “CANP”, A Plant Expert People Seek!

DID YOU KNOW…More professional firms are requiring accredited nursery and landscape staff to install and design jobs?

Registration for the 2022 course will be available soon.

Why Enroll in CANP?

  • To become more knowledgeable, to assist consumers in making better plant choices.
  • To improve your work performance.
  • To move your business forward.
  • To encourage team building.
  • Because it is important to have certifications within the industry.

canp is for everyone working or studying in the green industry!

Past students have backgrounds in all fields of our industry: Design, Growing/Propagation, Landscape, Retail, Turf Management and Wholesale.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started in the industry or have been involved for year . . . CANP is for you!

Same Program – Different Format

CNLA’s annual 13-week certification program is now ON-LINE.  The program will teach you the basics of botany, plant identification, and professional horticultural information. The low admission fee for the Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional program makes accreditation open to all persons in the nursery and landscape industry and is honored in all six New England states. Learn directly from several  instructors, who give great, two-hour informative lectures each night.

The program is through Zoom Video Webinar.  Prior to the start of class, instructions and the necessary links will be emailed to you.  The email will be sent to the address provided on the registration so please be sure it your email address.  Only registered attendees can participate in the class.

The registration fee for the program is $150 for members and $215 for non-members.  You will receive a link for the manual.  The fee to purchase a hard copy of the manual is $75.  Manuals are available in English and Spanish.


All classes are on Tuesday; 7:00—9:00 pm.

August 23
August 30
September 6
September 13
September 20
September 27
October 4
October 11
October 18
October 25
November 1
November 8
November 15
November 22 – Exam

* Schedule subject to change


The Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional Program is a voluntary program to accomplish the following:

To encourage on-going professional improvement through education and service to the industry and retain certification status, all CANPs must compile at least five credits yearly to keep their status current and pay an annual fee (starting with the 2010 class and going forward) of $10 for CNLA members and $20 for nonmembers.

The deadline to recertify is December 31 of each year.

In order to become a CANP, an industry member must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be employed or be a student in the horticultural industry.
  • Enroll in the Accreditation program and achieve a passing score of 70 or higher on the written and plant identification accreditation exam. The accreditation course is 13 weeks and is held annually from August to November. The exam is administered at the conclusion of the course.
  • Sign the Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional Code of Ethics and submit to the CNLA.

Complete this on-line form to re-certify as a CANP (Select the Category for CANP)

Download the Recertification Form


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