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Fall Tips:

If you missed mulching your beds this year leave some leaves! The fallen leafs act as a substitute for mulch throughout the winter. Be sure to remove them in the early spring to decrease disease issues that may have over wintered on the fallen foliage.

Time to trim back your perennials. Leave the Echinacea for the birds to snack on throughout the winter. Grasses are a great winter interest item and should be trimmed back the first week of March

Now is the time to transplant. These cool nights are perfect for root development.

Seed and feed your lawn. Over seed the lawn and patch bare spots. A good winter/fall fertilizer application will help roots develop for strong healthy grass next year.

You can plant spring bulbs up until the ground freezes. Daffodils are an easy plant with a high success rate.

Do NOT trim back your Hydrangea macrophylla (the big leaf shade tolerant varieties). Wait until spring to cut off any dead wood. The best time to do a hard trim on shade hydrangeas is July 1st. If you have a full sun Hydrangea, like Limelight, then go ahead and cut that plant back now.

November: Now is the time to cut back all of your perennials and apply winter fertilizer to your lawn. Winter fertilizer will help plants develop strong roots to get through the winter and have a head start in the spring.

December: Cover any bare soil in the gardens with mulch. This will keep roots warm during cold nights. Last call for spring bulbs! Plant them now before the ground freezes. Remove any dead or diseased leaves from fruiting plants for a healthy spring plant.

January: It’s time to start planning your gardens! Talk with your local garden center about their favorite new plants that will be stocked in the spring.

February: Be careful when removing heavy snow loads from trees and shrubs. Frozen branches can snap easily and it may be best to leave the snow until the day temperatures are above freezing.

March: It’s almost here! Cut back any ornamental grasses and butterfly bush. It’s time to pick up spring fertilizers (but don’t apply quite yet). Evaluate the landscape for winter damaged items and start thinking about replacements.

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